Dolphins or Hug?

What do you see in the picture? A couple in an intimate hug?

Oddly, research has shown that young children can not identify the pose because they do not have a prior memory associated with the scenario.

What they will see however, is nine dolphins in the scene.

So, I guess we’ve already proven that you’re not a young innocent child. If you can’t fine the dolphins within 6 seconds, then maybe you’re just plain corrupt. Don’t feel bad though. I STILL can’t find the dolphins.

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Repeated use of “the Wilhelm scream” over the years in movies

Different movies, different times, the same sound effect.

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Wife gets pregnant. I take photos every other day. You watch the gestation.

I took a picture of my wife every other day and then animated them into a movie. You can watch the gestation happen in 20 seconds. Enjoy!

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Even dead people can’t escape AOL: Dead man Still being billed!

PATHETIC:: Gauthier even offered to send a copy of her father’s obituary as proof he truly was dead. AOL was unmoved. “An AOL service guy told me to stop complaining and learn to use a computer,” she said. “Then he hung up.”

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Cool Optical Illusion

This cool optical illusion was created by Phillippe G. Schyns and Aude Oliva of the University of Glasgow.

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From….NO Kidding

* David Garovich is currently suing the State of California for not issuing him a handicapped parking placard due to his alcoholism, which is recognized by California as a chronic disease and thus, according to his suit, should qualify as a handicap.

* Arnold Schwarzenegger and Henry Kissinger are fourth cousins once removed.

* While there are roughly the same number of Phillips and standard screwdrivers
made each year, Phillips screws now account for 99.3 percent of screws

* Bob Eubanks, best known for The Newlywed Game, is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

* While the British railway is usually credited with first implementing time zones, Constantine I and the Roman Empire had attempted a solution to the problem in 331 A.D. by mandating that all sundials east of Rome be offset forward by “half of half of
half of half of a circle” or 22.5 degrees, which equates to approximately 90

From Gullible Info…NO Kidding

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Kevin Rose Discusses the Business Week Cover Photo

He also admits to using cheap headphones despite being worth $60 million.

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Tricking Spammers

They pilfer nearly $200 million from Americans annually and drive some of their victims to suicide, but Nigeria’s notorious e-mail scam artists may finally have met their match — and the results can be hilarious.

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Intricate Crop Circles

I’ve always been fascinated with crop circles. Not in a “I seen a UFO” kind of way, but in appreciation for the sheer talent it takes to make some of them. Not to mention the short period of time that they are made in. Often just a few hours. Check out the complex and intricate crop circles at Wired News. Like I said, fascinating and beautiful too.

Wired News Crop Circles

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Gullible Info

This a great site with all kinds of info that makes you go hmmmm. There’s also an RSS feed.

Gullible Info

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