Handling Computer Crashes..The OCC Way

Well, this is ONE way to handle a computer crash. Funny video.

orange county chopper computer crash – Google Video

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C’mon….You Know You LOVE Legos

You design it and they provide the pieces to build it. Legos are still cool, no matter how old you are.

LEGO.com Factory Homepage

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Man Erases Hard Drive,Judge Said Man Had a “duty to preserve the computer”

WTF? When will this end? Guilty till proven innocent, Our country is lost………..

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IPTV High-res Video

If this is the future of IPTV, I can’t wait. Take a look at this high-res video. WOW!!! Maybe someday. We can only hope.

IPTV High-res Video

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Nintendo Floor Screen…UNBELIEVABLE

The CES has revealed some amazing new technology. But this is REALLY wild and cutting edge stuff. Take a look at the Nintendo Floor Screen. You won’t regret it.

Floor Screen (Nintendo) – Google Video

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This will be a FANTASTIC Keyboard

The Optimus keyboard is scheduled for a February 1, 2006 release. You have to check this out. Now this will be a huge advance in keyboard technology.

Optimus keyboard

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Google Pack is Here and of Course..FREE

Stop by Google and get your free Google Pack software suite. Many of you are probably running some or all of these already. But, if not, give it a try. Gotta say though, REALLY wish the Norton product was replaced with something better. And, heads up, you’ll need Windows XP.

Google Pack

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And you can REALLY eat it??

I NEED this!!

The classic Clone-A-Willy allows you to make a copy of your Johnson and turn it into a
vibrator, and even has an additional motor option. The latest version is the
Chocolate Clone-A-Willy which lets you make a real milk chocolate copy that is
100% edible and, apparently, quite tasty. It’ll be available in about 2 weeks,
so start scouting early so you have time to make a copy of your manhood.

And I REALLY would swallow!

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