Let’s Not Forget Radio Shack’s Tandy – With BILL GATES

Back to the fairness file. Here’s a 1985 ad for Radio Shack’s Tandy 2000, with the “G” man himself. HEY, we LOVED it too.


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Virus Alert – DO NOT Download MSN Messenger 8

MSN Messenger 8 has not be released yet. But there is a nasty virus floating around that purports itself to be just that. Don’t download it. Check the official Microsoft site for the actual release.

Don’t download MSN Messenger beta 8 from Ask Jack

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Apple’s First Computer Ad – We LOVED it Back Then

Now it seems almost funny, but give it a read. This baby had 4K of RAM and was upgradable to 16K. You’d never need more than that would you? OH, and with a keyboard and video terminal you could play games and write in BASIC. We laugh, but I’d like to have one now. It would be worth a fortune.

Apple II History Museum – Advertisements

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Official Google Blog: I’m feeling silly

OH yes. 250 Lbs. of Silly Putty.

Official Google Blog: I’m feeling silly

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Why Didn’t I Think of That

You know, this new design looks pretty comfortable. And SO simple. Read more about it at gizmag.com.

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AHHH!! The Perfect Nap

All naps are good. But it seems some are better than others. I’ve heard that about something else too. Anyway, here’s the 8 steps to a perfect nap.

MJ PEAK PERFORMANCE: Snooze, You Win – Improve your mental and physical performance by power napping

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Let’s Have Some Fun Blogging!

Thank you for sharing your blog space with me RJH! I say we turn this blog into something fun now! No more just geek-speak!

I’m not knocking it… just think that we can make this a lot more reader friendly by adding in some fun (and maybe nasty…) stuff as well! AND you’ll get to find out what I find interesting!

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I’d like to welcome a new member to the blog. My sweetheart AMH. So, in the future, we’ll both be posting. Look for the posting source, RJH or AMH.
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In the Name of Fairness…….Mars

For the Mars fans, here’s some remarkable photos of a Mars crater. Be careful, the large link is 26 meg.

Most Spectacular Mars Photo Yet! 5/8/04

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Google to Standardize IM’s…It’s About Time

It’s about time someone standardized the IM clients. I mean REALLY, there’s a different standard for every client. I don’t want a dozen IM clients running just to text a friend. Let’s get a standard and let the best client win. And, if anyone can do it, it’s Google.

Google plans to standardize multimedia instant messaging

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